Red Raspberries

Our Growers

The rich, fertile soil conditions and temperate climate of the Pacific Northwest provide the perfect environment to sustainably grow Red Raspberries.

Contracted independent growers are carefully selected by our field department and we work closely with Berryhill Foods Inc. to ensure the highest quality Blueberries are grown. All of our growers are third party certified for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to ensure the highest food safety measures.

Receiving and Processing

When Raspberries arrive at Berryhill Foods Inc., the fruit is visually inspected, sampled, graded, and recorded for traceability. Based on fruit quality, raspberries are graded and then either chilled for I.Q.F processing, or immediately processed into straight packed and puree products. Raspberries are processed shortly after arrival, giving our raspberry products the best, freshest taste possible.

Individual Quick Freeze (I.Q.F)

High-quality, firm raspberries are carefully selected for I.Q.F. processing. After raspberries are slightly chilled, they are washed, inspected and completely frozen within 10 minutes. The frozen raspberries are packed directly into 20lb cases and sampled to our customer specifications. This efficient process allows raspberries to maintain their shape and delicious fresh flavor, which can be enjoyed all year round.

Storage and Distribution

Our frozen Red Raspberries are stored alongside Blueberries in our cold storage facilities. Having on-site cold storage allows Berryhill Foods Inc. to manage and oversee our customers’ product from the time it is delivered from the farm until the time it is shipped to the final destination. Berryhill Foods Inc. works in partnership with transportation companies to deliver fruit in a reliable and professional manner.

Frozen Raspberry Products

IQF Raspberries

20lb cases

Straight Pack Raspberries (BQF)

350lb drums / 28lb pails

Straight Pack Sieved Raspberries

350lb drums / 28lb pails

Seedless Raspberry Puree

350lb drums / 28lb pails

Raspberry Puree Stock

350lb drums

Raspberry Juice Stock

350lb drums

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